Friday, August 13, 2010

TGI Friday...Yeah!

     Happy Friday everyone. For some of you the work week is over, and for others it is just another day of the week. Sorry. But here's something to make everybody happy - saving money and getting free samples. What great place has all this? Well, I'm sure everyone has shopped at Walmart some time in their lives. For me it is a weekly event. But here is some information a few of you might not know. is a great site to go to for free samples, and more. If you go to the main page and scroll down, on the left side of the page, click on "In Stores Now". Then click on "Free Samples" in the third column and it will take you to free Walmart samples that will be mailed to you within a week or two. The Free Samples change weekly. Some weeks are great and some weeks they only have one free sample. also has Free Music Downloads. They usually feature between 4 - 10 bands. These Free Music Downloads change every week also, so you can really build up a big music collection. And best of all, it's all completely Free! The Free Music Download link is right under the Free Samples link. also has a new "Free Tools" link located on the Free Samples page. No, you don't actually get free tools like hammers, and saws. What you do get are tools to help you with personal things like a Free BMI Calculator, a Calorie Burn Calculator, a Food Swapper (shows you which foods are better for you than others), an auto Fuel Savings link, a Lunch Savings link, and an Over-the-Counter Medicine Finder. And finally, Walmart has a "Special Savings" link on the same page as the other links that offers discounts on Internet Service and Amusement Parks, to name a few. If you are also looking for free recipes, offers a bunch of them on their "Food and Recipe Center" link. It's just one of many great free items on the web site. And don't forget to check out Walmart's "Clearance" section found on the main page of the site. They have great clearance items that change daily. is definitely a great site to visit weekly for a lot of free items and free, useful information.
Have a great weekend everybody,

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