Monday, August 9, 2010

Welcome To "A Shopping Blog" by Elizabeth

     Hello, and welcome to the first blog of "A Shopping Blog" by Elizabeth. I started this blog site because I saw a need in the online community for a blog site devoted to helping people find good deals on the web for all forms of shopping- be it discounts on clothing, electronics, food, restaurants, etc. I subscribe to a bunch of websites that send me emails for sales, discount codes and free product samples. Everybody I know never has enough time in their day to web surf and find these great deals like I do, so I thought this would be a great idea for a blog site.
     On this site you can find sales, coupon codes, and links for free products and samples. All I ask is that you help participate in this social blog site by offering any great sales, coupon codes, or free sample links you come across. If you have any questions about certain deals or posts, or want to comment on posts, please do. Just remember though, this is a clean site, so no profanity please. Also, please pass on this blog site address to all of your friends who you think would benefit from this blog. Once again, please have fun with this social shopping blog.
Welcome to "A Shopping Blog" by Elizabeth.

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