Monday, November 8, 2010

Back From Amsterdam Vacation

Hi everyone. I am finally back from my European vacation and also an upgrade to my computer system. While the system was down and the blog wasn't being written I was away in beautiful Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Yes - Holland, the wood shoes, and windmills. Actually, Amsterdam is a wild and wonderful city. Anything and everything goes there. It is very fast-paced, edgy, and multi-cultured. The shopping there was excellent. It has been a dream of mine for about 15 years to go there. And it was everything I dreamed it was. The only bad thing was the jet lag I experienced coming home. It has taken me two days to recuperate. Traveling to Holland took two days to get there and back, so it was a long time on two planes each way and long layovers. But the time I spent there was incredible and the memories will last me a lifetime. If you ever want to travel to Amsterdam, go for it! Take it from me, it will be the best vacation you will ever have. Anyway, it is great to be back home and back to work. And just like Las Vegas, what happens in Amsterdam stays in Amsterdam!
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