Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cyber Monday Secrets

Hi Everyone,
I hope you are all enjoying your Thanksgiving weekend, and shopping on Black Friday. I did not post any Black Friday deals because they all expired as quickly as I could have posted them. So, it would not have helped you at all and would have probably just made you mad when you saw the great deals here but when you got to the online stores, the deals were already gone. I will let you in on some Cyber Monday information though. All the stores that you like to shop in, go to their websites later on today. They are all posting Cyber Monday sales starting today. I guess it is their way of getting every single sale they possibly can get. All the regulars like Walmart, Kmart, Sears, JCPenney, Target, and others are all posting deals starting today versus tomorrow morning. So, go to your favorite store's website and check out all the deals they are offering for Cyber Monday (and Sunday) and make note of the starting times. Then, start shopping an hour before the sales start and get those items into your shopping cart. Try and check out at the time the sales start. This way all the items in your cart will be there when the sale starts. I found that a lot of stores sold out of items when those items were still in people's shopping carts (mine included) during Black Friday. If you want to get everything that is in your cart you will have to check out as fast as you can. All the stores will not hold things that are in your shopping cart. Their motto is "first with pay conquers the day". In other words, they don't know if the item you put in your cart is a sale. You might put it back. So, if there is someone at the checkout with payment, they will sell it to them immediately. And the customer with the item in their cart who hasn't paid for the item yet, has just lost out. It happened to me about 5 times during Black Friday online at I actually have items sitting in my cart for stores just waiting for Cyber Monday (and Sunday). So, the minute sales start I can go check out and guarantee I will get those items. So, spend today checking out stores online and put things in your shopping cart that you want. Then, come back later today and tomorrow and get those items with confidence.
Until next time, Happy Shopping.

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