Thursday, September 2, 2010

Is It Really FREE?

The subject for today's blog is the word "Free" and how often everything associated with the word "Free" is not. I tend to notice this most often on websites that promote free items. They are never free. They always come with a catch, and I am so tired of that. I look on websites for free coupons but in order to get the free coupon you have to sign up for the site and complete 3 offers (which costs money) just for something that was supposed to be free. What is that all about? This happens all the time now on the Web. I also find websites for free product samples only to find out the free sample is going to cost me something. And most times it comes at a price that is not worth the supposed free sample. If the website would say in the beginning that the free sample came at a cost I wouldn't feel so mad. But too often, it's disguised in the small fine print. That is why on this blog site when a posting says it is a "free" sample, you get that sample for free with no strings attached. And if there are ever any conditions that come with a free sample or free product, you will know about it right up front. The term "nothing's for free" does not apply to this blog site. We search all over the Internet every day to find you free samples and free products that don't come with a catch.
Have a good day and Happy Saving!

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