Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Simple Little Website With Good Prices

       Happy Thursday everyone. I hope you are all finding ways of saving money on your daily shopping. We are trying really hard to bring you discounts and free product samples all the time. I wanted to let you know about a small, very basic website that sells perfume body oils, incense sticks, and a few other things - all at really good prices. The name of this store is
       The main thing this company sells is long lasting designer type perfume oils. You can choose from over 450 different scents that come in a 1/2 dram (1/16 oz.=1/2 dram) bottles for only $2.00 each. Now I know that doesn't seem like a lot of product but oils are supposed to be used sparingly and a little scent goes a long way. But if you would like a bigger size, you can get any scent of the body oil in a 1 oz. size bottle for $27.00.
       Another great thing sells is about 75 different varieties of incense sticks for only $1.00 per pack. I think you get 20 sticks in a pack, so that's a great deal. They have all the usual incense scents but they also have a lot of unusual ones like Bubble Gum, Chocolate, and African Violet. The site also sells a few other items like bar soap, cocoa butter, and incense holders - all at affordable prices.
       If you want to try a scent but don't know which one to try, the company will send you a free sample of body oil. You can choose from men's or women's scents. There is a list on the Free Samples page where you can pick a scent to try. You must send them a self addressed stamped envelope with 3 first class stamps to get your sample. Don't forget to include with it what scent you want to try. They limit 1 vial of body oil per address. You can also get a free sample pack of incense sticks as well. Just check on the Free Samples page about getting your free incense.
       As you can see on the website, this is a simple, basic site that only sells a few items but the prices are good and the variety is excellent. is well worth a look.
Until next time, Happy Saving!

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