Monday, September 6, 2010

Saving Money By Finding Freebies

       Happy Labor Day everyone. Today's blog is going to be all about saving money by finding free stuff. There is free stuff around you every day. You just need to know a few tricks about where to look. First of all, I highly recommend creating a free Gmail, Yahoo, or other no-cost e-mail account. Some of the deals require online registration and getting an extra e-mail account will help keep your primary e-mail in-box free of all the extra e-mails you will get. Since you will know the extra e-mail account is just for freebies, you can set a special day of the week or time to sit and go through all your e-mail deals.
       The majority of freebies are food, cosmetics, and health items. These 3 industries spend millions of dollars a year to give out free samples of their products so consumers will try, and hopefully buy their products. But this is great news for you, the consumer. You get to try out products all for free! There are also other industries that give out freebies, but just not as often. If a company has a product they want you to try they will definitely have a way for you to get it and try it. You just need to know where to look. Company websites are the first place to begin. Here are a few website deals to get you started.
       If you live near a California Tortilla and love Mexican food, sign up at for the restaurant's newsletter. When you do, you'll instantly receive a coupon for a free taco, plus many other discounts. At, click on "Dunkin Perks" and sign up for exclusive offers, including a free medium beverage and another one on your birthday. (We will talk about free stuff you can get on your birthday in my next blog). If you love chocolate like I do then go to and join the Rewards Club. Then once a month, every month, you can go into any Godiva store and get a free piece of chocolate. Now that's a sweet deal!
       A way to score Free Samples can be through the company directly by programs they have. At, after registering with the site, you can get free new products as they become available to the public. A really good sample company called Start Sampling brings packaged-goods manufacturers together with consumers who want to test out new products. Register at, then click on the items you'd like to try. And finally, General Mills has a Pssst Program. When you sign up at , General Mills will send you free product samples and coupons. They might ask you for feedback about any of the products you tried.
       I hope today's blog really helped you to get some free products and a little insight into how certain companies give out free products and samples. Remember, if there is a product out there you are interested in, go to the company's website to see if they offer free samples. In my next blog I will be discussing great free deals you can score on your birthday.
Until then, Happy Saving.

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